Project EcoArt is motivated by the love of Nature and the will to be surrounded by it at all time, including indoors. The technique combines natural elements from all sorts in the canvas, accomplishing a harmonious result of unusual beauty.

From the encouter of the different types of sand and earth with rocks (all pieces or broken down), shells, wood, seeds and leafs creates plastic and original surfaces, hence delighting both senses of sight and touch.

EcoArt is not figurative, and neither impressionist. Its purpose is to appeal to the memory of an impression, a moment of happiness experienced in a beach somewhere, in a forest or in a field, that lays in the subconscious until it materializes as a work of art.

EcoArt uses the elements of nature to engrave recollections of personal feelings and emotions that go along with objective physical experiences. Inspired by the environment that surrounds us, "EcoArte" tends to be the portrait of reality's subjective perception.
Resolution 800x600. © Copyright 2002