Born in Köln, Germany, on 9th December/1957, Gisela Schrader came to know Brazil and its beaches while still a child. It was love at first sight that aroused her desire to put those beaches into canvas.
She studied art in francophone Switzerland and Germany, as well as in the United States. Back to Brazil, Gisela became a Brazilian citizen in 1983 and developed her own technique in order to accomplish her dream.


- Exhibition: Cultural Center " Tao Sigulda" in Campo Limpo Paulista / São Paulo, 11.12.2005 - 04.30.2006.

- Exhibition: "Small sizes, great works" at the gallery Bric à Brac, Moema, São Paulo, 11.17.2005 - 1.20.2005.

- Exhibition: " I Salão das águas ", at the Centro Cultural da Marinha, São Paulo , 12.13.2005.-12.18.2005.

- Exhibition: " II Mostra Universoarte e os 7 elementos", at Museu Botânico Municipal, Curitiba, 12.11.-11.20.2005.

- Exhibition: "V SALÃO UNIVERSO FEMININO 2005" - Centro Cultura Marinha - São Paulo / SP - 07 - 11.03.2005.

- Participation with the Painting "RIO DA CAVERNA" at the exhibition ARTE&ARTISTA 2004 - 2005 / Grupo Guanabara no MASP Centro, 30.11.2004 - 29.01.2005.

- Participation "V SALÃO COMEMORATIVO SÃO PAULO 451 ANOS" - Assembléia Legislativa do Estado de São Paulo
- 21 - 29.01. 2005 - SILVER MEDAL..

- Exhibition: XXIX Salão Brasília - Marinhas - 2-19.12. 2004
- Exhibition: Maison Saint Germain (Av. Cândido Mota Filho,
1.811 - tel: 11 3681.1188) - São Paulo/SP - 1-12.9. 2004
- Solo exhibition at the Arts,Plaza, Conjunto Nacional, from 21st until 31st March /2004, Brasilia/DF - Brazil.

- Solo exhibition at the "Ivandro Cunha Lima" Arts and Culture Hall, Federal Senate, National Congress, from 1st until 5th March/2004.

-Solo exhibition at the Santos Yatch Club, Angra dos Reis facility. From 13th Jan until 09th Feb/2004, Angra dos Reis,RJ, Brazil.

- Solo exhibition at the Blue Tree Resort Angra dos Reis, Angra dos Reis, RJ. From 09t Dec/2003 until 13t Jan/2004.

- Participation at the 2º HALL and FORUM OF TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION - BRASILTEC 2003, Intelligent Building, of the architect Lemos Britto. From 29th of July until 02nd August/2003, in the Expo Center North, São Paulo.

- Solo exhibition at Livraria Cultura , Conjunto Nacional, from 05th unti 20th May/2003.
- Solo exhibit at Arts and Culture Hall of Albert Einstein Israeli Society, from 10th April to 27th of May/2003, São Paulo/SP - Brazil.
- Exhibit at Rebouças Convention Center, from 03rd to 05th April/2003, supported by the School of Communication and Arts of the São Paulo University. São Paulo - Brazil.

- Solo exhibition at the Arts,Plaza , Conjunto Nacional, from 30th March to 06th April/2003 , Brasilia/DF - Brazil.

-Solo exhibit "Remembrances of an Impression - 2003" at Tower Gem Center, from 17th to 23rd March/2003, at Panoramic Hall of TV Tower, Brasilia/DF - Brazil.

-Solo exhibit "Remembrances of an Impression - 2003", at Ivandro Cunha Lima Arts and Culture Hall, at Federal Senate, National Congress, from 10th to 15th March/2003, Brasilia/DF - Brazil.

- Solo exhibit "Remembrances of an Impression- 2003", Transatlântico Club from 10th March to 03rd April/2003, São Paulo/SP - Brazil

- Exhibition "Third Millennium Water Festival", supported by UNESCO, from 21st to 24th November/2002 Palace Hotel, city of Caxambu/MG - Brazil

- Water Festival 2002, presenting "Building the Planetary Culture" and "Congress of Mundial Net of Education for Peace", at 8th October/2002, at Sesc Vila Mariana, São Paulo/SP.

- Solo exhibition "Remembrances of an Impression", from 24th to 29th September/2002 at Pinheiros Sport Club, São Paulo/SP - Brazi

- Exhibit "Free Art Saint Germain, from 28th to 30th August/2002, at Maison Saint Germain - Elmi Atelie&Galery, São Paulo/SP - Brazil

- Solo exhibit "Remembrances of an Impression", from the 23rd May to the 8th June 2002, commemorating the International Day of the Environment and Ecology, at the Plaza of the Arts, Conjunto National, Brasilia/DF. - Brazil.

- Solo exhibit "Remembrances of an Impression", from the 1st March to the 1st April 2002, at the main hall of Santos Dumont Airport, Rio de Janeiro/RJ - Brazil.

- Solo exhibition "Remembrances of an Impression", from the 31st January to the 25th February 2002, at the Polo Cultural Casa da Fazenda do Morumbi/SP- Brazil.

- Tri-national exhibit "Art and Culture on the High Sea", from the 12th to the 21st January 2002, aboard the Costa Classic, touring Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, with Fábio Porchat as curator.

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Gisela Schrader

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